RC Aircraft

If you're ever looking for help making any kind of UAV or RC Aircraft, let me know!

How I started in the Hobby

As a elementary schooler, I didn’t know much about building anything. I had the wimpiest hot glue gun, and a boxcutter, and that got me through most arts and crafts. I always wanted to build a remote control plane, and so I did my best to cobble together the right parts. Unfortunately, my wee elementary schooler brain couldn’t piece it together and I gave up.

I came back to the hobby as a middle schooler because one day I stumbled across flite test just as they started to get big. With the help of their speed build kit, I was flying (and crashing) in no time.

Entering my junior year at TJ, I’m now a pilot at NVRC, and created the Remote Control Aircraft Club at TJ. I realized how much I’ve learned in the aerospace field from this hobby, and I wanted to give others the chance to become involved in the hobby just like me.

RC Aircraft Club

At TJHSST’s RC Aircraft Club, our we teach kids how to build their own remote-controlled aircraft. In a world where drones are becoming more and more prevalent, it's important to realize just how difficult flight really is. With support from Kashmir World Foundation, we are able to supply the parts for each aircraft that they build.


Through both the Excelsior Aerospace club and my internship at KWF, I've gained invaluable knowledge and experience on building both fixed-wing and multicopter drones.