RC Foamboard F86 Mk2

Current Version: Mk2

It flies fast and steady.

Watch it fly!

The Mk2 is a 3 channel, 64mm EDF aircraft. It flies with a 4S power system. (More details below)

CAD for RC F86 Mk2


Here are the plans for my foam board EDF F86.

Download DXF Download PDF

Extra Details

It's got a removable wing that is rubber banded on. The hatch is now magnetic which is an upgrade from the first version.

It weighs 670g with battery. It has approximately 670g of static thrust, and can sustain that for 2-3 minutes. Peak static thrust is 880g, but this is only maintained for the first 10 seconds of flight, enough for a take off. In the air, I suspect the thrust climbs higher due to a >0 intake air speed. The thrust tube is still ~1 foot long with ~85% fan swept area at the exhuast.


Here are the parts I used. If you can't find these exact parts, you should try to purchase similar parts with similar performances.


How to build it

I'll be posting more information soon! If you're in a hurry, don't hesitate to contact me. :)

Why I built it

As an avid War-Thunder player, I grew fond of the F86, so I decided to build one myself. Seeing as there were no plans of decent scale/size, I decided to take my own shot at desinging it.

I used Fusion 360 to design the entire aircraft with a bit of AutoCAD to help export my designs for laser cutting. If you're interested in the details of the design work, or would like to make your own, check out my YouTube Channel!

Miscellaneous Pictures

In Flight

Here is a picture of it in flight shortly after launch.

F86 Mk2 in flight

On Landing Final

It lands very fast, and has a long smooth final approach.

F86 Mk2 on landing final

Helping Hands

I want to give a shout out to Mike Marr who helped me launch the Mk2, and also had supplies on hand so that I could repair it at the field.

F86 Mk2 on landing final

Paint Scheme

The paint scheme is modelled after the Japanese Blue Impulse Demo team, which used F86-F40s.

F86 Mk2

Bottom Glance

A glance at the bottom, giving a better look at the rubber bands holding the wing on.

F-86 Bottom Glance

Power System Comparison

The old 3s System on the left, the current Mk2 4s system on the right.

Power Systems